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Zelda: Skyward Sword HD Appreciation Crystal Overview As Well As Locations

In The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, there’s an unique collectible called Appreciation Crystals. You will certainly be able to locate them and also trade them in for beneficial things when you satisfy Batreaux. Most individuals that you aid will certainly share their gratefulness by creating 5 Appreciation Crystals each time.

There are 80 Appreciation Crystals in overall, so maintain an eager eye open for any type of individuals with conversation bubbles that appear like they require support. Or you can reference the places of all the crystals listed here. For even more Zelda: Skyward Sword HD overviews, make certain to look into ourguide roundup Or else, review our Skyward Sword HD review.

Appreciation Crystal Side-Quest Walkthroughs

You acquire the majority of the video game’s Appreciation Crystals by finishing bite-sized missions entrusted to you by the different NPCs worldwide. Listed below you can locate a listing of our overviews outlining right you can gain Appreciation Crystals.

Specific Appreciation Crystal Locations

As pointed out, you normally acquire 5 Appreciation Crystal s from finishing missions and also assisting individuals. There are 15 specific Appreciation Crystals that you can acquire naturally at Skyloft.

  1. If you invest the evening at Beedle’s store, you can obtain a Thankfulness Crystal from the roofing system of his airshop when you awake on his exclusive island.
  2. The departure of the falls collapse Skyloft, near where you discovered your Loftwing.
  3. The falls cavern your loftwing was cooped in by Groose.
  4. Right behind the base of the light tower in the Plaza.
  5. The wood course on a reduced walk north of the Marketplace.
  6. Utilize your beetle to obtain one from the ceiling rafters of the competing hall.
  7. Inside Orielle’s and also Parrow’s house at the edge of the area.
  8. There is a Thankfulness Crystal on the drifting island over the lake. Get it with the Quick Beetle to cover the required range. You can make it much easier for on your own by waiting for the Clawshot to make it up to the drifting island.
  9. On the 2nd flooring of the Knight Academy, inside a potted plant.
  10. Within the branches of a tree, closest the pumpkin spot.
  11. Hyperlinks area at the Knight Academy on his workdesk.
  12. There is an additional awaiting you in Zelda’s area. You require to have the clawshot to go into from the exterior via the smokeshaft.
  13. If you position on your own southern of the Knight Academy and also aim to the west, you’ll see some creeping plants leading down. Leap down this course to locate a Thankfulness Crystal.
  14. The storage space shed, in the rear of the Lumpy Pumpkin.
  15. The 2nd flooring of the Lumpy Pumpkin.

Appreciation Crystal Benefits

Below are all the benefits you obtain for trading Appreciation Crystals to Batreaux.

Reward Crystals Required
Tool Pocketbook 5
Heart Item 10
Huge Pocketbook 30
Cursed Medal 30
Gold Rupee (300 Rupees) 40
Huge Pocketbook 50
Gold Rupee x2 (600 Rupees) 70
Mogul Pocketbook 80

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