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Zelda: Skyward Sword Appreciation Crystal Pursuit Overview – Trainer Owlan’s Demand

There are a myriad of antiques to locate in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, from acquainted things like items of heart to new ornaments like Siren Cubes and also Appreciation Crystals. The last are specifically important; you’ll typically obtain them after aiding the citizens of Skyloft with their troubles, and also you can trade them in for larger purses and also various other valuable benefits.

Almost every personality in Skyloft has some type of side pursuit for you to finish, consisting of Trainer Owlan in the Knight Academy. Below’s what you require to do to finish Owlan’s pursuit and also gain his Appreciation Crystals. We additionally have a lots of various other Skyward Sword HD guides in our roundup, consisting of heart item and also Siren Dice areas. Make certain to examine those out prior to you triggered on your experience.

Trainer Owlan’s Demand

  • Area: Knight Academy
  • Prerequisites: Should finish Faron’s Tune of the Hero pursuit

For among your last jobs, you require to get a Kikwi for Trainer Owlan at the Knight Academy to examine. To begin, head to the academy and also talk with the teacher. Go Back To Faron Woods and also utilize your dowsing capability to locate Machi in the eastern component of the woodland. Speak to him, after that have Scrapper return him to the clouds. Trainer Owlan will certainly be so captivated by the unusual plant-like animal that he’ll award Relate to some priceless Appreciation Crystals.

For information on the remainder, make sure to review our Gratitude Crystal quest roundup, consisting of walkthroughs each, areas for private Appreciation Crystals, and also the benefits you can receive from trading them.

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