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Zelda: Skyward Sword Appreciation Crystal Mission Overview – Searching for Parrow’s Missing Sibling

There are numerous antiques to discover in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD, yet several of one of the most desirable are Appreciation Crystals. These can normally be gained by aiding the numerous locals of Skyloft, as well as you can trade them in for some useful incentives, making them useful assets. One such side mission includes Parrow, whose sis has actually relatively gone missing out on.

Listed Below, we have actually described what you require to do to assist Parrow discover his sis as well as get his Appreciation Crystals. Make certain to additionally have a look at our Skyward Sword HD guide roundup for even more suggestions to assist you on your journey, along with our for our complete ideas on the brand-new remaster.

Parrow’s Missing out on Sibling

Place: Plaza in South Skyloft (After speaking with Batreux for the very first time)

Prerequisites: Have to finish Searching for Kukiel

Parrow appears worried regarding his sis. She went out in the direction of Enjoyable Enjoyable Island as well as has yet to return. Check the location near the vivid island, as well as you’ll discover her often tending to her damaged Loftwing. Per her directions, fly back to her bro to recover the medication called for to repair her Loftwing. When you go back to the island, she will certainly allow you maintain the container, along with hand down 5 Appreciation Crystals. As well as when you go back to Parrow, he’ll provide you an additional 5 Appreciation Crystals.

For information on the remainder, make certain to review our Gratitude Crystal quest roundup, consisting of walkthroughs each, areas for specific Appreciation Crystals, as well as the incentives you can obtain from trading them.

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