Warframe's The New War Expansion Introduces New Playable Characters--Cross-Play Also Announced

Warframe’s The New Battle Development Presents New Playable Personalities– Cross-Play Likewise Reported

At TennoCon 2021, programmer Digital Extremes lastly disclosed even more details regarding Warframe’s The New Battle tale growth, which was very first teased back in 2019. Coming later on this year, The New Battle is a brand-new motion picture tale mission concentrating on the Tenno and also various other intrigues getting in a brand-new stage of problem that was will certainly extend throughout the whole galaxy. This brand-new tale growth will certainly likewise indicate the following stage for the free-to-play activity RPG, which will certainly see cross-play for all variations of the video game coming with a later day.

Throughout the TennoCon 2021 real-time stream, we saw over half an hour of prolonged gameplay for The New Battle growth. This motion picture mission line sees the Tenno– the intrigue of Room Ninjas– collaborate with allies from various other intrigues to challenge versus the fabricated life-forms referred to as the Sentients, that have actually attacked Cestus on the Planes of Eidolon. According to the designers, The New Battle will certainly be the lengthiest tale mission the video game has actually seen. In a comparable blood vessel to previous motion picture pursuits like The Sacrifice and also The 2nd Desire, The New Battle will certainly take you on various goals with set-piece experiences and also bespoke tale defeats that will certainly expose brand-new tradition regarding Warframe’s crucial personalities and also intrigues. This brand-new growth will certainly likewise establish the phase for including the adhering to growths and also live occasions.

The prolonged gameplay expose from TennoCon 2021 started with a bang, displaying the range of the Sentient intrusion. In a shock spin, we after that reduced to gameplay for personalities apart from our acquainted Tenno. While your journeys throughout Warframe have actually concentrated on the Tenno, The New Battle will certainly note the very first time gamers tackle an energetic function as side personalities for tale goals. In the gameplay we saw throughout the stream, The New Battle will certainly include goals allowing you regulate the sword-wielding Teshin of the Conclave intrigue, Kahl-175 of the Grineer, and also the Corpus designer Veso. These standalone goals will certainly concentrate on each personality’s certain loadout and also abilities, making them differ from the slate of Frames you have actually come to be well familiar with for many years. The New Battle will certainly still concentrate on the Tenno and also their activities throughout this mission.

As a veteran Warframe gamer, it interests see the video game spend some time far from our core slate of Structures to concentrate on opposite side personalities. While 2 of the initial personalities we will certainly play in The New Battle adhere to very closely with the conventional Grineer and also Corpus soldier archetypes we have actually seen usually, Teshin seems one of the most distinct to play as. He does not have the ability to move of the typical structures, yet he does offset it with various other gizmos like a grappling hook, that makes having fun as him look enjoyable. I have an interest in seeing just how each of the brand-new personalities’ tale courses will certainly alter, and also if they’ll assemble eventually throughout The New Battle growth. “dream” One more large expose that came out from TennoCon 2021 was that not just is that cross-play and also cross-save are in the jobs, yet likewise a mobile variation of Warframe is on the means. Throughout an online playthrough, the designers played a video game of Warframe embeded in the open-world map on the Planes of Eidolon with COMPUTER, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Change, and also a mobile phone. According to designers, this has actually been a

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“Community is incredibly important to us. Opening up cross-play and cross-save is just one of many more efforts we’ll take on to bring more players together, including extending Warframe’s fast, fluid, action combat experience to other global gaming platforms,” 1981″We are at the very beginning of the next generation of Warframe. We are eight years young and have the benefit of beginning our second console generation with a major game expansion that will also mark a new chapter of more story-based content our players have been asking for.”



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