These Cabal, found wrapped in purple vines, are in the first room when you enter the Glykon proper.

Fate 2 Presage Keys Overview: All Check Things For The Figments Of A Solution Victory

The brand-new Presage Exotic mission in Destiny 2 sends you to an abandoned Cabal ship to reveal what occurred to its staff– as well as a fellow Guardian. There are numerous keys concealed in the objective, consisting of some details that can disclose its tale as well as unlock a Victory called Figments of a Response. To gain it, you’ll require to check as well as discover 5 various particular things concealed in the objective.

Due To The Fact That the Glykon, the ship where Presage occurs, is so turning as well as massive, it can be really simple to miss out on the 5 things you’re trying to find as well as the tale that selects them. We have actually discounted whatever you require to discover on the Glykon to open Figments of a Response as well as obtain your initial appearance deeper right into Fate 2’s weird brand-new objective.

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Exactly How To Gain The Figments Of A Solution Victory

Right here’s where to discover each scannable item concealed in the Glykon throughout the Presage objective. These products will not be offered up until your 2nd go through the objective, so maintain that in mind.

Things 1: Cabal Bodies

These Cabal, located covered in purple creeping plants, remain in the initial space when you get in the Glykon appropriate.

Development via the ship up until you make it to the button that unlocks to the packing ramp where you initially generated know the Glykon. Tossing the button opens the door that introduces the ship appropriate. As quickly as you undergo, you’ll be faced with some strange plantlife. In the facility of the space, you’ll see numerous Cabal bodies have actually been ordered by the creeping plants as well as put on hold airborne. Check them for your initial mean what’s taking place in this location.

Things 2: Refuse Headgears

You'll find these helmets just ahead of the first electrical barrier you encounter. They're easy to miss, especially if you're using the spores to sprint through the Darkness-sealed doorway they're lying beside.
You’ll discover these headgears simply in advance of the initial electric obstacle you run into. They’re very easy to miss out on, particularly if you’re making use of the spores to run via the Darkness-sealed entrance they’re adjoining.

Continue onward up until you struck an area with a set of huge electric obstacles splitting it apart. You’ll begin on one side of this space as well as get in a narrower corridor in order to get to a button. To reach the opposite side, you’ll require to leap a void, after that utilize spores to go through a secured Darkness entrance. Prior to you do that, nonetheless, hurdle as well as inspect to the right of the closed door to discover 2 Scorn headgears resting on the flooring next to the course onward.

Things 3: The Guardian’s Dive Ship

You'll find this ship in the back corner of the hangar after you fight two Darkmind Abominations. Scan it before you make your way back out around the edge of the ship.
You’ll discover this ship in the back edge of the garage after you deal with 2 Darkmind Abominations. Check it prior to you make your back out around the side of the ship.

After you finish the area with the garbage disposal, you’ll go down right into a battle with some Scorn opponents as well as see the Locus of Communion for the very first time. Maintain relocating up until you get in the ship’s garage for a huge battle with 2 Plague Majors. Clear the space as well as head towards the back left edge, where you’ll leave out the huge garage opening as well as return out right into area. Prior to you do, check the ship right alongside the leave. It comes from the Guardian you’re looking for, as well as it’s equipped with some Period of Luxury equipment.

Things 4: Dark Ether Container

These canisters are lying in a corner next to one of the switches you need to hit in a room featuring another electrical barrier.
These cylinders are hing on an edge alongside among the buttons you require to strike in an area including an additional electric obstacle.

Prior to a lot longer, you’ll strike an additional space with an electric obstacle, yet this set will certainly be over you. You’ll open a door subjecting a power channel that allows you disrupt the obstacle briefly so you can go through it. Beyond, transform entrusted to discover a side space with a button getting rid of the course back to the much side of the obstacle. To the right of the button are some cylinders with a light blue fluid inside, your 4th item of proof.

Things 5: Calus’s Message

After defeating the boss, exit the boiler room and continue until you blow a hole in a ventilation shaft and drop down. Do a 180 and climb over the square piece of machinery to find a message from Calus hidden behind it.
After beating in charge, leave the central heating boiler space as well as proceed up until you blow an opening in an air flow shaft as well as fall. Do a 180 as well as climb over the square item of equipment to discover a message from Calus concealed behind it.

The last as well as 5th scannable item shows up after your employer battle with the Locus of Communion. Beat it as well as leave the central heating boiler space via the freshly opened up door. Proceed up until you can blow open up an opening in the flooring as well as fall right into an air flow shaft lit in red. As opposed to proceeding down the clear course, jump as well as transform the various other means over the reduced heap of scrap to reach an open area beyond, where you’ll discover a little hologram of Calus’s face. Check it for one last details of information concerning what occurred aboard the Glykon.

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